Use Provigil to put an end to sleep Problems

effects of provigil

Sleep is a natural way where our body gets rejuvenated. It is a natural spa for our internal organs. A sound sleep relaxes you physically and mentally. But hey, who has the time for sleeping? It feels like an obstruction for achieving your dream. You could be the first one to submit that crucial presentation in your office had you not slept for some 6 to 8 hours or you could get some handsome grades in your college if you had been able to stay awake for few more hours. There is a whole list of ‘could have done’ if you did not have to sleep at all, at least for some hours. There are lots of things you can complete if you don’t sleep at all! Provigil is a helping hand to workaholics. In this article, I will discuss the wonders that Provigil can do for you.

Why Provigil?

Provigil is the brand name for generic drug Modafinil. It is usually prescribed to treat excessive languor commonly known as sleeping problem.

A person with sleeping disorder has a lot to lose. Any change in your regular pattern of sleeping habit which affects your health negatively may be treated as a sleeping problem. This may include, RLS – Restless Legs Syndrome – A very rare syndrome in which your legs feel very uneasy in the evenings.

Jet LegThis is a very common and short term disorder usually found in people who extensively travel between various time zones.

Cataplexy This is an obstreperous daytime dizziness commonly known as Narcolepsy. It is a persistent sleep disorder.

Apart from being prescribed as a treatment, Provigil has worked miraculously for some workaholics. They are not to be consumed for fun but to work for an extra hour. And Provigil has not let them down. Many people have experienced a boost in their working capacity and even quality of their work has improved. Provigil actually works as a restorative agent for your brain.

Provigil works on your psychology! It works on hypothalamic histamine – neuron present in the hypothalamus which enables you to stay awake for a longer period of time. Histamine is the controlling agent of your sleep or wake. It is the reason why you feel drowsy when you are on antihistamine. Provigil also elevates the level of dopamine – neuron which is mostly associated with the feeling of doing well. Thus, taking Provigil makes you remain wakeful and vigilant for about 40 hours. It makes you feel like a ‘SUPERMAN’.

Who Can Consume Provigil?

Any person above the age of 17 years can get prescription for Provigil online. It is normally taken in the morning to check the daytime dizziness.

Wow! Factors Of Provigil

The WOW factor about the use of Provigil is that it does not end up like a pain in your back. Meaning, when you quit taking the pills, it does not show any kind of withdrawal symptoms which many of the other stimulants show.

The only way it being addictive is you are addictive to the ‘FANTABULOUS EXECUTION’ and the feeling of accomplishment!! So, Say good bye to sleep and welcome Provigil.