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Could your school benefit from students with a more positive attitude toward school, higher attendance, better grades, and higher graduation rates? Then give your school a parent involvement tune-up with PIRC’s free seminars and workshops!

Research continues to show that parental involvement in a child’s education results in higher student achievement. PIRC’s free seminars for educators and families focus on increasing parental involvement in education. Your school’s staff and parents can participate in any of PIRC’s free workshops.Contact us today mail@azpirc.com to discuss training options.

Seminars for Educators

School, Family, and Community Team Training – Building a Foundation
We know that family engagement in our schools is key to improving student achievement.What does a school need to ensure that parents are invited and included in their child’s education? This training addresses the starting points of establishing a school culture that
embraces family involvement as a sustainable and effective component of improving your school. Participants will understand how to overcome the challenges to family involvement by establishing a team of educators, administrators and parents dedicated to this process.

Choosing Partnership for Student Achievement
This training focuses on the idea that community building is essential to establishing an environment of partnership among parents and school staff. Participants are offered the opportunity to define their community and establish the common goals and visions that exist for the youth. The process of sharing respective visions of parents and school staff helps to establish an environment that fosters the relationships necessary for students to
achieve academic success, and brings about a discussion of expectations and goals to be set in motion.

Parent Involvement 101
If your school is looking for a good place to start when it comes to getting parents to participate, this seminar is it. Do the same five parents show up to every event your school has? Does it seem like no one is paying
attention to the fliers and newsletters you send home? This one-day intensive training is designed to assist your district/school in building school, family, and community partnerships focused on student success.

Communicating with Parents
This training assists educators on improving their communication skills and enhancing their relationships with parents. This full-day training is designed for groups of less than 25.

Parent Liaison Training Series
Parent Liaisons are many schools’ lifeline to parents in their community. That is why this training is an obvious choice for any school wanting to improve interaction with its families. The series covers several topics, including: What Every Parent Liaison Needs to Know, But is Afraid to Ask, Preparing and Leading Workshops, and Building and Retaining Parental Involvement. It is also a great opportunity for participants to network with fellow parent liaisons and discuss best practices and new ideas for their school.

Encouraging Family Involvement in Secondary Schools
Adolescence is a time of rapid change. Due to the changes occurring for adolescents, family involvement in academics and learning becomes critical.Unfortunately, family involvement in education tends to decrease in middle and high school.During this workshop, participants will understand the importance of continuous and sustained family involvement through children’s school years and learn easy strategies for increasing family involvement in secondary schools.

Creating Family Friendly Schools
You’ve heard the quote before, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. What is the “first impression” of your school? Is it welcoming and friendly? During this interactive workshop participants will assess their own campus for family friendliness and learn simple techniques for creating a welcoming school environment.

Fill out the School Consultation Form and Arizona State PIRC will contact you to discuss your parent involvement needs.

Train-the-Trainer Seminars for Parents

Navigating No Child Left Behind
Understanding federal legislation is never easy and navigating the complexities of the No Child Left Behind Act is no exception! This training provides basic knowledge of NCLB, which will include an overview of Adequate Yearly Progress, School Report Cards, Supplemental Educational Services, Public School Choice and Title I. Participants will learn how to use the information about NCLB to ask questions, advocate for additional support, and become a participating partner in school success.

Parents Make a Difference
You’ve heard it before…”Get involved and make a difference.” Do you believe it really matters? After attending this workshop, you will see it clearly and respond with a resounding “YES.” Join other parents in this fun and important workshop.If you don’t get involved in your child’s education, who will?

Right Question Project (RQP)
Often, the only thing impeding parent involvement is parents not knowing what questions to ask.This two-hour workshop helps participants formulate questions about topics such as report cards, curriculum and assessment. Through interactive small group activities this workshop helps parents examine the different roles they can play in their children’s education: support, monitor and advocate and develop their own action plan following a specific framework.

Understanding Standards and Assessments
This three-hour workshop is designed to help parents understand and discuss standards-based reform issues. Standards-based reform links what students know with what they are taught and what they are tested on. During this interactive training, parents will explore the concepts of, standards, parent-school compacts and interpreting report cards.

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