Provigil for Multiple Sclerosis

provigil for multiple scelerosisMultiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease where the immune system damages the coordination between the brain and the body. There are number of symptoms and indications for this disease, some of them could be: Loss of Vision, Fatigue, Body pains, weakened coordination etc. The most of common and consistent symptom that Multiple Sclerosis causes is Fatigue, a health condition where the individual gets extremely tired all the time. It is said that there quite a significant amount of MS individuals who had voluntarily retired from the job due to this one indication of Multiple Sclerosis.

Provigil – An effective treatment for Fatigue (Common indication of Multiple Sclerosis)

Let us see how Provigil can cure one of the serious indications of multiple Sclerosis:

Provigil also known with its brand name of Modafinil is a medication that is generally prescribed for Narcolepsy and other excessive or uneven sleeping habits. It stimulates wakefulness in the individual and helps him to bring back normalcy to his lifestyle.

The drug is known for activating the hypothalamus of Brain, which is responsible for normal sleeping and waking conditions. The exceptional quality of the drug is it does not cause any extreme drowsiness as it leaves the system.

Provigil or Modafinil stimulates the two important neurotransmitters which are responsible for cognitive factors like Emotional Balance, Communication, Attentiveness, and Pro-activeness etc. Fatigue is one of serious troubles that individuals who are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis could undergo. Being an active stimulant of the neurotransmitters Provigil is said to enhance the activeness in our brain. This also helps one to recover from excessive sleeping or Narcolepsy.

As it activates the neurotransmitters and improves our attentiveness, some doctors feel fatigue could also get cured by having Provigil. Fatigue is a medical condition where the individual feels tiredness every time. As he consumes Provigil, the weak or dull neurotransmitters, which are responsible for his tiredness would get stimulated by the drug and bring him, back to normalcy within an hour.

It is federally controlled medicine and it cannot be bought without presenting a valid prescription from a licensed doctor or a physician. Some of the doctors who studied the results of Provigil had started prescribing the drug for individuals who come up to them for Fatigue or Multiple Sclerosis treatment. They had also found decent positive results, as some of them are able to get rid of Fatigue after consuming provigil pills. It must be consumed orally with water in the quantity that is prescribed by the doctor.

Though there was proofs earlier quoting the medicine can be prescribed for Multiple Sclerosis, The CHMP (Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use) has restricted this product only to the use of wakefulness and obstructive sleep apnea. It had called that apart from the accepted cases, it should not be prescribed for any other use.

What do the Clinical studies say?

There are several studies that had conducted earlier quoting to the use of Modafinil or Provigil for the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Most of their conclusions were potholed and insignificant to prove that Provigil can be consumed to cure Fatigue, a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis. A conclusion of an NCBI published survey states that The bulk of the studies had lesser sample sizes. Modafinil is not yet adequate enough to be recommended for the medical conditions like Fatigue and MS until solid data are available.”

The majority of the studies had small sample sizes. Modafinil is not yet sufficient to be recommended for these medical conditions until solid data are available.

The majority of the studies had small sample sizes. Modafinil is not yet sufficient to be recommended for these medical conditions until solid data are available.

The majority of the studies had small sample sizes. Modafinil is not yet sufficient to be recommended for these medical conditions until solid data are available.

There are statements that because of some severe side effects of Provigil, they are not supporting the idea of Provigil for MS treatment. Some side effects Provigil include Hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, excessive anxiousness, depressive state, impulsive behavior, chest pain and other heart related problems. Some common side effects Provigil are Dizziness, Nervousness, Insomnia, Hay fever, Headache etc.

To conclude, as the doctors’ statements are favorable and some clinical studies are uneven and studying the CHMP report, it is very difficult to say whether Provigil can be used for Multiple Sclerosis. However as the ingredients of provigil are encouraging towards treating Fatigue, one of the most important symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, it depends on the doctor’s suggestion. It is recommended to take Provigil without a proper prescription allotted by a registered doctor.