Why should you not use Propecia while your partner is pregnant?

propecia for pregnancyHave you heard about Propecia? It happens to be a very powerful drug which can be easily procured from online drugstores at a cheap price with the help of a valid doctor’s prescription. This medication is easily absorbed by the females. It is surprising that, even if the drug is used by males, it can create havoc in the female body.

Why is Propecia taken?
It is a high–impact drug which is very often used by men. The drug is commonly used in order to reduce hair loss in men.

How does Propecia work?
Use of Propecia actually causes in shrinking of hair follicles. This ultimately leads to dying of hairs, which prevent hair fall naturally. The drug contains Finasteride which is a very strong chemical having a high impact on the testosterone hormone. Testosterone under the influence of this pill is converted into di-androsterone (DHT), and this is a major cause of abnormality in a male fetus, which is carried in a mother’s womb.

Why should you not take Propecia while your spouse is pregnant?
You are advised to avoid the consumption of this medication if your wife is pregnant. This is because the special impact drug is easily absorbed in the female body and creates a direct impact on the fetus. In the case of couples who are planning to start a family, consumption of Propecia is strict to be prohibited. Planning to stop the usage of the medicine is extremely important, as the impact of consumption remains for almost 7 days.

How to be extra cautious in case of Propecia consumption?
As it is, if you are consuming Propecia, you should know certain facts. Although the tablets are coated, to prevent contact with the active ingredient, so when you buy finasteride no prescription you should always be extra cautious while using the drug, as such.
Please make sure that the tablets are not hard – pressed or crushed, and under no circumstances, it should be able to come in contact with your skin. This is because the risk for affecting the fetus is increased if the drug comes into direct contact with the skin. Also, note that if the male counterpart continues to consume the drug, it has a high chance of getting passed in the female reproductive system.

Legal norms for using Propecia:
It is such a drug that is not advised to be taken by males under 18 years of age. This is because of the fact, that the drug is responsible for the conversion of testosterone.
Sometimes this drug is prescribed for checking hair loss; therefore, it is always advisable to parents that you consider the opinion of a registered medical doctor, before usage. Impacts of the drug are considered to be severe, especially if you have any major problems with any particular body part. The drug is also known to be one of the primary reasons for prostate cancer.

Please remember that it is a drug which can be used temporarily, in order to prevent hair loss. As a matter of fact, the drug provides no major benefits; therefore, good parenting should consult a registered medical practitioner before you are planning to consume the high – impact drug.