Parent Liaison

Parent Liaisons are an important and integral resource in connecting families and the community to the school. Arizona State PIRC provides liaisons with the training and the tools to be an effective bridge to student achievement. Click on the links below and begin your journey to becoming a professional parent coach.

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Moving Beyond The Numbers

Moving Beyond the Numbers Workshop
A Resource Guide for Engaging Families
Using Data to Engage Families
Sharing and Using School Data with Parents
Tips and Suggestions for Sharing and Using Data.

Enhancing and Expanding Your Parent Resource Center

Establishing and Enhancing Your Family Resource Center.
Parent Resource Center Survey
Checklist for Assessing Your Site
Parent Survey
How Can We Help You
PTA-Power of Partnerships Survey
How Welcome Do You Feel
Teacher Report of Invitations to Parent Involvement
New Parent Liaison Check List

Parent Liaison Intro Series

Parent Liaison Intro Series
P.L. Intro Series Linked to Learning Activities
P.L. Intro Series A Bridge
P.L. Intro Series Personal Competenciies
P.L. Intro Series Assessing Your Site
P.L. Intro Series Priority Check
P.L. Intro Series Checklist
P.L. Intro Series Self Promotion
P.L. Intro Series Developing Relationships
P.L. Intro Series Self Weight Activity
P.L. Intro Series Evaluation

Effective Communication

Your Passport To Effective Communication
Listening Quiz
Parent Liaison Letterhead
Tips and Best Practices
Warm Up
What’s Your Communication Style

Home Visit Training

Home Visit Training
History of Home Visits
Home Visit Contact Form
Home Visit Family Feedback
Home Visit Letter
Home Visit Poem
Home Visit Reminder
Home Visit Rules
Home Visit Scenarios
Home Visit Thank You
Home Visit Worksheet
High School Parent Survey
How Welcome Do You Feel
How Closely Is Your School’s Parent Involvement Program Linked to Learning
How Family Friendly Is Your School
Teacher Recommendations for a Parent Volunteer
Parent Survey Example
Family Resource Center Survey

Family Folder – Elementary School
Family Folder – Middle School
Family Folder – High School

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