Introduction & Background

The Arizona State PIRC, a program of the Chandler Education Foundation, has been the state’s leading provider for effective family, school, and community partnership services for over 12 years. Serving hundreds of urban and rural schools with low income and culturally diverse communities throughout the state, the Arizona State PIRC has developed a strong network of families, educators, and community partners committed to increasing student achievement.

Our statewide trainings and technical assistance services to Title I schools provide a systemic framework for increasing student achievement through meaningful parent engagement that is linked to learning.

With the growing awareness of family, school, and community partnerships’ link to increased student achievement, the need for intensive coaching on how to successfully integrate family engagement into school and district improvement has been identified as a high-need area.

The extensive services Arizona State PIRC has provided across the state has propelled school staff, district administrators, and family members to take responsibility in working together to improve student achievement.

The following outline of provides a menu of services available through Arizona State PIRC to assist schools and districts to engage families in the student learning process.

For further information, please contact Arizona State PIRC Director, JenniBrasington at 480.224.2061 /

Our Program is Committed to:

  • Educating stakeholders on the importance of parent engagement in education
  • Empowering adults to be advocates for their children
  • Strengthening school-home-community partnerships

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