Integrated Service Package

Description: Encompassing AZ State PIRC’s signature services and introducing new features, this comprehensively addresses the best practice strategies for engaging families in schools.

AZ PIRC Signatures

Service Details
• Family – Friendly Walk Through Assessment
• Framework Model Selection & Implementation
• Parent Liaison Training
• PASS Curriculum material & workshop facilitation
• Staff Professional Development

Family Engagement Coach

Service Details
• Family Engagement personnel coaching
• Customized professional development design and facilitation
• Implementation of FFWT report results
• Coaching on framework model selection and implementation
• Guidance on family engagement workshops/events
• Assistance with community partnership brokerage

Communication Systems Development

Service Details
• Printed school information, including newsletters, brochures, parent compacts,informational letters, etc.
• Family engagement section on school website
• Other templates and documents as needed

Title I Alignment & Integration

Service Details
• Development and revision of current Parent
• Involvement Policies and Parent Compacts
• Budget planning of Parent Involvement dollars
• Integration of family engagement in Continuous
• Improvement Plans, SIG Grants & Goals

Data Systems & Evaluation

Service Details
• The development of needs assessment tools,including school climate and parent surveys
• Design of progress monitoring system
• Teacher evaluations with family engagement component
• Analysis of data collection and report drafting