Is Adderall safe for ADHD children?

Adderall for ADHD childrenAdderall is approved for use in children above the age of six in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). More children are being diagnosed with this condition of late even if the associated symptoms are just normal for that child’s age. A thorough examination and confirmed diagnosis of the patient is essential before commencing the Adderall drug course. People can also resort to online pharmacy to buy adderall online where they can get all the details about the pill. As the condition cannot be cured completely but just managed with drugs and behavior therapy, many parents may be worried about the safety of use of the stimulant ADHD drug Adderall. Understanding how the drug helps the ADHD child will help you to put any undue fears to rest.

Why Adderall is important for children with ADHD
ADHD symptoms usually start to show very early in the development stage of the child. If left untreated, these symptoms can worsen and continue into adulthood as they do not go away on their own. Also, behavior therapy alone is insufficient to manage the symptoms of ADHD. Medication, particularly with the approved ADHD drug Adderall, can aid in improving the quality of life and boost the functioning abilities of the child as he or she grows.
Adderall is generally considered as safe for use in children with ADHD and as one of the most effective medications for this condition. What Adderall really does for children with ADHD is to improve social relationships with peers, family and relatives, a reduction of about eighty percent of visible symptoms, have better attention spans that are longer than before taking the drug, improved academic performance, less distracted, and a decline in impulsive behavior. Using Adderall, along with cognitive and behavioral therapy, can vastly improve the overall effects of the drug and bring the condition under control. While giving stimulant medication to a child may be of some concern to a few parents, Adderall has comparatively less adverse effects as with other drugs. The healthcare provider writes the Adderall prescription only after considering the height, weight, and age of the child to give the accurate dose that will have maximum benefits. This dose is usually low as Adderall is a long-acting drug.

Coping with the potential side effects of Adderall
Adderall can cause a few associated effects apart from its therapeutic benefits due to its property of being a stimulant medication. These co-occurring effects can be well managed in the ADHD child in a number of ways. One of the effects of taking Adderall is loss of appetite. Parents can ensure that their child receives adequate nutrition by providing all the nutrition-packed meals before taking the drug and also after the effects have worn off, giving some leeway in the middle when the drug is at peak effective hours. If the child is experiencing trouble sleeping, then the Adderall dose may be lowered accordingly. Apart from appetite changes and sleeplessness, the child may not experience any other major symptoms. If there are any severe reactions, then do not delay in seeking emergency medical assistance.