Framework Models For Family Engagement

Description: Framework models for family engagement provide a structured, research-based approach to addressing and sustaining family and community involvement in schools. With a focus on the use of data and evaluation, these models help align family engagement plans to overall school goals.

Workshop Topics:
• Introduction to Family, School, and Community Engagement
• School Community Councils
• Action Teams & Committees Unplugged
• The Road to Partnership
• Utilizing Data to Strengthen Family Engagement Work
• Home Visits
• Establishing Sustainability for Family Engagement
• Assessing and Leveraging Support for Family Engagement

Available Services
Model Selection

Assist school with Framework Model selection

Available Services
Framework Model Trainings

Comprehensive training structure to assist schools in the first two years of model implementation

Available Services
Framework Model Coaching

School is assigned PIRC coach to assist with framework implementation, action plan writing, and team building

Cost dependent on specific school needs including location, number of schools, and/or the length and size of training (# of participants). Contact AZ PIRC for further details.

Framework Models At-A-Glance
The premise of framework models is built around team-based planning and implementation
of family engagement initiatives that support student achievement.

National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS):

Established in 1996 at Johns Hopkins University, NNPS guides schools in planning, implementing, evaluating, and continually improving their engagement programs. Arizona State PIRC assists schools in the recruitment and sustainability of a school-based team for family engagement and provides technical assistance on action plan writing and implementation. NNPS provides a model that is adaptable to school culture, demographics, and needs.

Academic Development Institute— Solid Foundation:

The Solid Foundation model was developed by the Academic Development Institute and has been field tested for over 20 years. It is a web-based program that provides school teams with a structured process to assess, plan, implement, and monitor school initiatives for parent engagement. Arizona State PIRC provides assistance to school teams through an introductory training on Solid Foundation, guidance on assessment and planning, and web-based coaching on progress monitoring.

NNPS Award Winner
2009, 2010 & 2011 AZ PIRC was awarded the NNPS Organization Award for providing research-based technical assistance and professional development opportunities.