Family Friendly Walkthrough Assessments

We are now scheduling campus visits for the 2010-2011 school year.
Please call or email to schedule a visit to your school.

Description: As one of Arizona State PIRC’s signature services, the Family-Friendly Walk Through (FFWT) offers a data-based assessment of your school’s ability to effectively engage families. Focusing on the areas of Communication, Information, Participation, and Welcoming the FFWT tool evaluates the schools current school-to-home practices, by gathering parent feedback, school staff input, and third-party observation.

FFWT Service At-A-Glance
Arizona State PIRC’s FFWT consists of key components designed to collectively
provide a comprehensive assessment of a school’s current capacity to engage
families in the educational process.

School Campus Visit

A2-3 hour visit to evaluate your school campus on several factors, including displays of student learning, availability of parent resource materials, and customer service.

School Website Review

A comprehensive overview of your school’s website to examine the level of family-oriented information available, with special attention to updated materials and ease-of-use.

Shopper Phonen Calls

The AZ PIRC Shopper Phone Calls, conducted in English and Spanish, provide insight into the level of customer service parents encounter when contacting the school.

Survey Participation

FFWT surveys provide a diversified and inclusive opportunity for all stakeholders to provide input on family engagement. Collectively, the Parent, Educator, Principal, and Parent Liaison surveys are designed to measure the awareness of and participation in family engagement initiatives.

Document Review

The AZ PIRC document review examines the availability and ease-of-use of Written Communication including, newsletters, flyers and Parent Involvement Policy.

Data Analysis

Analysis of FFWT tools provides your school scores in the areas of Communication, Information, Participation, and Welcoming. Each score reflects areas of strength, emerging practice and identified areas for improvement.

FFWT Assessment Report

The report outlines each scored area of the FFWT process, providing recommended strategies and highlighting current best-practice that can build a school’s capacity to engage families.

Available Services
FFWT Assessment

Includes all FFWT service components listed above

Available Services
FFWT Training

Introductory: “Creating Family Friendly Schools”
• Follow-Up: “FFWT Action planning”

Available Services
FFWT Coaching

Assistance with the implementation of FFWT report recommendations