Family Engagement Research & Results

Educational research indicates that parental involvement in a child’s education (regardless of ethnic, racial, socio-economic, and educational background) is one of the greatest factors to a child’s success in school.By systematically embedding family engagement into instructional practices, schools have transformed their achievement levels and found that students:

• Earn higher grades & test scores
• Adapt better to school and attend regularly
• Graduate from high school, on-time
• Attend college

“When we talk about being linked to learning, we’re talking about engaging families in a way that will support the learning process for each student… linking family engagement to learning focuses this work on improving and enhancing the instructional core.”

— Dr. Karen Mapp

Achieving these results requires that schools and districts adopt a comprehensive approach to integrating family engagement into instructional practice. The services provided by AZ State PIRC offer research-based strategies for effectively linking family engagement to student learning. AZ PIRC’s technical assistance includes early childhood parent education programs, a professional development series for school staff, and parent leadership programs.