Early Childhood

A child’s most important developmental years are those leading up to kindergarten.First Things First is committed to helping Arizona kids five and younger receive the quality education, healthcare and family support they need to arrive at school healthy and ready to succeed.

Giggles, Squiggles and Squirms
Learning activities for three and four year olds!

We hope you catch yourself smiling as you read the words Giggles, Squiggles, and Squirms! Learning should be fun and the Chandler Education Foundation is proud to provide these instructional activities for parents, grandparents,
family members, and educators of three and four year old learners.The program features eight books for each age group accompanied by exciting activity workbooks you can do side-by-side with your child.

The activities are based on state and national Early Learning Standards and include the:

“Giggles” of language development and verbal expression
“Squiggles” of writing and fine motor development and
“Squirms” of physical development and activity

Additionally, the series encourages good nutrition and physical activity for the early promotion
of a healthy lifestyle and obesity prevention.

If you would like more information on this program, please contact us at 45460-224-3031, If you would like to purchase the books and activity workbooks, please visit, www.gigglessquigglesandsquirms.com