Public School Notice

Public School Choice

Public School Choice is the option to transfer from a Title I school that is “in need of improvement” to a school that is performing well. To find out if your child is enrolled in a Title I school, contact the school or district office.

Under the No Child Left Behind law, schools are required to reach yearly academic goals that measure student achievement. When a Title I school does not meet these goals for two consecutive years the school is identified for improvement. During this period students must be offered the option to transfer to another school
within the district that has not been identified for improvement.It is the school districts responsibility to notify all parents when they are eligible for Public School Choice. This notification must also inform
parents that their child is eligible to attend another public school,should identify two or more designated schools that parents may choose, and describe the performance and overall quality of those schools.

Learning about Public School Choice empowers parents to make informed decisions.

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