Why is it advised not to consume Alcohol while being on Adderall?

adderall and alcoholAdderall is a simulative drug which acts on our central nervous system, which can be easily purchased from various Adderall online pharmacies without any hassle. It is used to treat ADHD and is an Amphetine class drug. But like other medications, this drug is addictive if taken in larger dosage. People use this drug to improve their school, work or athletic performance. So also known as “Study drug”. But it may develop into addiction so it’s better to use it wisely and under observation.

Why not to consume alcohol and Adderall together?

Alcohol acts as depressant on our CNS and Adderall is a stimulant. Means both have completely opposite effects. So they can cause trouble in our body if taken together.

Following are some reasons:

  1. Alcohol poisoning
    As both act completely opposite Adderall neutralizes depressive effects of alcohol. Means a person will feel charged even if he has consumed alcohol. And this may lead to overdrinking of alcohol. And this causes alcohol poisoning which is pretty dangerous.
  2. Heart related problems
    Adderall is an amphetine class drug which itself carries side effects related to heart such as increased BP, increased heart rate, and irregular heartbeat. And these side effects are elevated when alcohol comes into picture along with Adderall. So it’s advised not to use both together.
  3. Changes in behavior
    As use of both leads to increased alcohol consumption, a person tends to feel changes in his behavior. These changes can be dangerous to the person himself and those around him.
  4. Impaired judgement
    It’s obvious that overconsumption of alcohol leads to impaired judgement. A person may lose his driving senses so better not to drive if you have had this combination.

Above were few distinctive reasons for not mixing Adderall along with alcohol. Another main reason is to keep yourself safe and sound, so better not to mix these two.

How long you should wait for alcohol consumption?

If you are on short dose of Adderall, you have to wait for at least 6 to 8 hours before consuming alcohol. And if you are on high dose of the drug, you should wait for minimum 12 hours before you drink alcohol.

What to do if you take Adderall and alcohol together?

Adderall and alcohol togetherFirst of all it is not advisable to do so, hence, decide yourself that you are not going to try this combo next time for your safety. Have lots of fluids such as juices, water it will help to flush out alcohol in your body and will avoid harm. If you are on Adderall please do tell to those who are with you to avoid giving you alcohol.

If any serious problems occur if you take this combo, please contact a hospital or doctor. Please do not drive if you had lots of alcohol if you are on Adderall, as you will have impaired judgement, blurred vision and audio capabilities.

It is better to know what to do and not to while have such potent stimulant drug like Adderall, so be Safe and Sound and if any problems arises, do contact your doctor for immediate help.