Adderall affect your running performance

How does Adderall affect your running performance?

Of late, Adderall gained a lot of popularity as many people started to buy Adderall from Canadian online pharmacies and also have started exploring different facets of the medication. Although typically this drug is meant for ADHD many people even without the disorder have started to rely on the pill as a performance enhancement drug. The shocking yet interesting use of the drug that has come to light in the recent times is its role in improving the performance of an athlete. Although it is an ADHD drug, which can be purchased from many Adderall online pharmacies, can it actually affect your exercise routine? There are debates suggesting both good and bad effects of using Adderall for this purpose. But in the long-run, it can only bring despair and distress to people.

Deriving sustenance from Adderall while running

Since Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant, one might think that it can actually increase the energy levels in the body and make a person more active. People might also believe that since it improves the ability to focus, they can run better. Although initially, the ADHD medication can trick you into thinking that it can benefit you, it is not actually advisable to use the adhd drug for this purpose. This effect of the pill is quite deceiving, in the sense that, although you can actually run for longer periods when you are on the pill, you end up putting a lot of strain on the heart because you are exhausting the body more than usual. After using Adderall for a while, some people have noticed worsening of their running performance. Even people who had a previous history of running could not run well after they start taking Adderall.

Consistently taking Adderall before going for a run would lead to cardiovascular diseases and even a heart stroke because you are constantly pushing your body over the edge. It also leads to fatigue and reduces your athletic performance gradually. Hence if you are thinking of using Adderall for any purpose other than ADHD or narcolepsy it is best to discuss with your doctor about the benefits and risks involved in using the med for any other purposes.

Adderall potential for abuse

You might probably know that Adderall is classified as a controlled substance by the Food and Drug Administration. This is so because misusing or abusing Adderall can lead to physical dependency and addiction. Using higher doses constantly and using the pill for purposes other than ADHD or narcolepsy can increase the probability of addiction. After the body gets dependant on the pill, even the highest dose would not give relief. But if one stops using the pill after using high doses for a long time, they might suffer from withdrawal effects such as depression and agitation.

Aside from physical dependence, the other big risk of misusing Adderall would be an overdose of the drug. There is a very high chance that people who use this pill for secondary purposes use higher dose thinking that they would gain more benefit which ultimately leads to an overdose. In such adverse situations, the only option would be to get external help. Sometimes it even requires you to be under the supervision of a doctor for days or months on end. Hence it is always best to use Adderall only for the purposes that are intended by the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the medicine. On the other hand, Provigil is also an ADHD treating medication but it is useful in cognitive enhancement also recommended. One can consult with the doctor before taking any of the ADHD medications for using them off-label.