Why should you take Provigil if you are impulsive?

Provigil was designed so that the wakefulness of the person could be increased. Provigil is given to patients who suffer from narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work disorders and other such problems. Moreover, it helps people even with alcohol control as it decreases their impulsiveness and help them thus to keep a better control on their cravings.

Impulse control and Provigil

When a person has poor impulse control, they are not able to moderate their consumption of substances. This could be in terms of food, drugs or even alcohol. This leads them to abuse certain things or even getting addicted and overdosing as well. Poor impulse control also is the cause for relapsing into substance abuse and for such disorders.

Use provigil to help people curb their habit of drinking by helping them to decrease their cravings for alcohol as well as decrease the rate of unpleasant reactions when it comes to drinking alcohol. This helps them with overcoming their alcohol addiction and overcoming substance abuse as well. However, the results of these experiments are still being studied and there is a lot of information still being gathered with regards to this process. The use of Provigil for this purpose is relatively new and an offshoot of what the actual purpose of the medication is meant for and designed to target.

How does Provigil help?

provigil to the rescueProvigil helps in many ways as research has seen that the response inhibition in participants who were alcohol dependent was improved. It also helped them to curb the brain activation which was responsible for response inhibition. Provigil helped them normalize the brain activation as well as the patterns of connectivity during stop signals of the task. Thus, patients were able to perform their tasks better with Provigil as they were being weaned away from their alcohol addiction and they showed lesser signs of having a relapse as compared to the other patients who were not given Provigil. Thus, it did show that not only the process of detoxification was easier for them as they started having negative reactions to the consumption of alcohol, but also they were able to perform better their normal tasks. One can safely say that with Provigil, the recovery of these persons was expedited.

Provigil medication for targeting uncontrollable urges

The use of medication or use of other things to treat others as you want to be treated for uncontrollable urges of abusing drugs is not new. This is the same principle which people use when they ask the person to count till 10 before they act when they are upset. This is an old principle which is in use for a long time but it has now been expanded to encompass alcohol abuse as well and it needs the help of using of drugs such as Provigil to accomplish the task at hand. Patients can buy Provigil online if they don’t have a doctor’s written prescription. Online stores have licensed doctors who will be able to write prescriptions online for free. Therefore, when a person has poor response inhibition or high levels of impulsivity Provigil helps a lot with such patients and therefore it is a win-win situation for the patients.