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Dear Fellow Parent Engagement Enthusiasts,

Arizona State Parent Information Resource Center appreciates your patronage over the last five years. It has been our sincere pleasure to work alongside Arizona’s finest to implement systemic family engagement practices that are aligned to student learning. As of March 30, 2012, our PIRC program will officially end. You may still access the Arizona State PIRC website, which will remain active through June 30, 2012.

Yours in Partnership,
Jenni Brasington and Aida Felix
Arizona State PIRC

Arizona State PIRC – A Center for Health and Student Learning

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Two great resources for Family and Community Engagement have just recently been published.

The first resource, Handbook on Family and Community Engagement provides educators, community leaders and parents with a succinct summary of the best family engagement research and practice accumulated over the years.

cefThe second resource is the Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework. The Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework provides programs with a research-based, organizational guide for implementing relevant Head Start Program Performance Standards.


idea flyer winterExciting News!

This fall, ASU IDEAL is offering a professional development course on Family Engagement. Arizona PIRC partnered with IDEAL to develop Parent Involvement 101- An Introductory Course for Facilitating Family, School and Community Partnerships. Registration is now open for courses starting January 18th 2012.

For more information, download the flyer or visit IDEAL at ideal.azed.gov

Don’t delay, register today!

purple logoGreat News!

Arizona State PIRC wins a 2011 Partnership Organization Award from the National Network of Partnership Schools. This is Arizona PIRC’s THIRD Partnership Organization Award – evidence of the on-going commitment to improving school, family, and community partnerships in Arizona. The NNPS Organization Awards Committee praised Arizona PIRC’s conference structures and the professional development workshops that are offered. They also commended the connections of the Arizona PIRC with the Arizona Department of Education, which have resulted in important funding and on-going support for collaborating districts and schools.

Click on the link to view the NNPS resources and training.

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family engagement school reformneeds assessment ppt

Download the PowerPoint Family Engagement presentation.

Download the PowerPoint Needs Assessments presentation.

Where does family engagement fit into your school reform initiatives?

These presentations provide LEAs who are applying for SIG funds a starting point for including school, family and community partnerships

into overall school reform efforts. The presentations also provide recommendations for funding family engagement initiatives.

For questions regarding the content in these PowerPoints,

please call Jenni Brasington, at 480-224-2061.

PTA header

PTA® Take Your Family to School Week® is celebrated each February
to pay tribute to PTA’s legacy of building family-school partnerships.
PTA Take Your Family to School Week will be held February 12–18,
2012 with the purpose of expanding and enhancing family engagement
in schools across the country.

National PTA® offers grants to PTAs to implement programs that
engage families in the school community. These grants can be used
to build positive partnerships with teachers and families, connect
parents to their children’s school experiences, and give children fun ways
to share what they are learning and doing in class with their families.

Click here for application information.

For information about Arizona PTA click here
Check out Arizona PTA’s new website: azpta.org

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